Meet a famous caricaturist living in Warsaw, the capital of Poland. Interesting facts (ciekawostki) about the famous artist and satirist

The fastest caricaturist for the event

1) In the last 10 years, Szczepan Sadurski has drawn live caricatures at over half a thousand events all over Poland. He was also invited to New York City, Australia and Europe. He drew caricatures and opened exhibitions of his humorous work. Wherever he showed his artistic talent, he aroused great interest.

2) In 2012, newspapers in New York wrote that he was “one of the fastest caricaturists in the world“. After that, he visited New York several more times. In the United States, Sadurski feels great, because here the talent and personality of artists are appreciated.

3) 100 seconds – on average, this is the time Sadurski needs to draw one cheerful portrait. Its potential is even greater, but the most important thing is the fun of event participants. When posing for a caricature, each person is supposed to feel special, not like when breaking a world record in drawing caricatures.

Sadurski. Cartoon jokes and jokes

4) From 1991, for over 20 years, Sadurski was the publisher of well-known magazines with humor, jokes and satire in Poland. There were 5 titles on sale every month. The most famous was the monthly Dobry Humor (Good Humor). It had a circulation of 200,000.

5) Sadurski made his debut in the press when he was only 14 years old. It was then that his first humorous comic was printed in a well-known youth newspaper. A year later, he started studying at an art school. Soon after, large numbers of his humorous drawings were printed in the most famous newspapers in Poland. It was joked that soon Sadurski’s drawings would pop out of every Pole’s fridge.

6) Sadurski is not only an event artist drawing caricatures. His humorous drawings are printed in newspapers, his illustrations can be seen in books and even school textbooks. He also draws for advertising agencies. A series of his humorous drawings appeared on the packaging of a snack very well known in Poland. Although the drawings were printed on the packaging of a commercial product, as always they were signed with the name SADURSKI.

Interesting facts about Sadurski

7) This famous caricaturist won the Golden Pin in 1986 – then the most prestigious award for caricaturists. However, he reluctantly participates in competitions. Instead, he is invited by the organizers of caricature competitions to judge the works of other caricaturists as a juror. He was a juror of international competitions in Turkey, Sweden and Poland.

8) Recently, Sadurski appeared in the famous TV show “Sanatorium Milosci”. On television, we saw how the contestants of the reality show were taught how to draw caricatures.

9) Currently, a documentary film is being made in Poland, the protagonist of which will be Szczepan Sadurski. We will learn many anecdotes and interesting facts about his interesting life and artistic career.

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