Selfies are ordinary photos on the front camera of the phone. Maybe after reading this selection, you will take this type of picture more often or vice versa – reduce the presence of selfies in your life. Few people know what interesting information can hide behind this harmless action, well today we will look at 12 shocking facts about selfies!

Selfies portray you as a person

You might not even realize it, but posing for selfies reveals interesting subtleties of your personality. Scientists are proving this phenomenon, and psychologists are often guided by some of the findings even in everyday life.

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Alarm bells

As ridiculous as it sounds, for some people selfies turn into an addiction. If you feel a compulsive need for this kind of photography, it is better to consult a specialist.

The first bloggers appeared in the 16th century

Few people know, but the first selfies were taken by a young painter Parmigianino, who in 1524, using only oil paints, depicted his own mirror reflection on a canvas.

Selfies weren’t always taken at the touch of a button on a smartphone

The first photographers, including the famous Robert Cornelius, set up vintage cameras, ran out into the frame and waited for five minutes. After that, they had to put the lens cap back on and continue processing the photo in a special laboratory.

Selfies outside Earth orbit

On the list of the most exotic selfies, NASA astronauts, who also love to be photographed in the most interesting corners of our universe, win. One of the researchers on the ISS managed to take a good picture while in outer space!

Women like to take selfies more than men

This fact did not require scientific proof, but if a study was done, it is worth mentioning! This is pure truth, men are not as addicted to such photos as members of the female sex.

Selfies are a fad of the young

The researchers found that the average age of people who take these kinds of pictures is only 23.6 years, the truth is that this is a temporary phenomenon. We all grow up, and every year the “average age” will shift to the older generation.

You can’t go anywhere without a hashtag

Many social networks have carefully worked out a system for promoting any content and the hashtag plays far from an episodic role. The funniest thing is that the first hashtag on Instagram was called “selfies” and Jennifer Lee launched this publication back in 2011.

Selfies are recognized as the word of the year.

Today, few people will remember, but back in 2013 the word “selfies” was awarded the title of “word of the year.” It is worth noting that in this time period, the use of this expression increased by 17,000%, which is also among the record numbers in the history of the English language.

Selfies can be forbidden

While this may seem like a high-profile statement, because the ban only applies to selfie sticks, which are no longer as popular – it’s the plain truth. There is a ban, and it works even in Disneyland Paris, Hong Kong, and American Disneyland. This includes the Gugong Palace, located in Beijing, and many other iconic structures around the world.

Not always reflecting reality

Tell me, who hasn’t used photo editors? Understand that the purpose of a self-portrait is revealed in reflecting your true self in the present moment, not in the tone of processing through third-party apps.

Selfies are only 4% of all photos

Analysts have estimated that the number of selfies as a percentage is only about 4%. More often than not, you and I take photos of food, documents, nature and other everyday things.