An inverter welding is a machine that uses solid-state electronic parts, improving the efficiency in the electric current conversion. This article focuses on the advantages and disadvantages of an inverter machine welder.

The inverter machines are portable and light. An inverter welder is a power supply capable of providing a high current for welding.

An inverter welder has various advantages and disadvantages that you may encounter after buying one. It would be best if you considered them to get a suitable inverter welder.

The advantages of an inverter welder

  • Lightweight

The welding inverter is ten or more times better than the welding transformer in power consumption. The kit comes with a belt that makes it convenient to hang an inverter on your shoulder while working on the stairs.

  • All forms of protections

A welding inverter is implemented with all forms of protection. Note that it is considered that when buying an inverter, you must be attentive to the protections enforced. Short circuit safeguard is provided by the inverter, which helps generate a series of impactful pulses that melts a frozen drop.

The machine has thermal protection, so if the semiconductor switches overheat, the inverter automatically cuts off the output current to keep the radiators cool.

The inverter also has an anti-sticking function that takes action in case the electrode is firmly stuck; the inverter automatically switches off for some time so that the welder can tear off the stuck electrode, and the power resumes.

  • The operation is not interfered with by the power surges

The inverter has a high frequency and adjusts the input voltage automatically without impacting the output data. If the network voltage falls below 165 volts, the inverter continues to operate by providing the required welding current established by the welder prior to starting work.

If the voltage decreases, the protection trip as well as the inverter shuts down to prevent the input current from being overloaded.

  • Easy to train and learn

Welding inverter is easy to train and learn because of the protection like anti-sticking and others, helping a beginner surpass the challenges of electric arc welding.

  • Power efficient

The inverter welding machine may be connected to a domestic power supply outlet because its transformer consumes less power due to a mode size helping you save money on your power cost.

The disadvantages of the inverter machine

  • Durability issues

An inverter is not durable as a big AC welder. The lightweight inverters are more prone to damage from a dusty environment or a heavy drop. The machine’s internal circuitry may suffer damage if covered with airborne particles.

  • Cheap inverters are unreliable

When buying a tool, you want one that may last a lifetime. The cheapest inverters have few features due to poor construction.

A cheap inverter lasts for a few months before it fails. If you are willing to repair, the repair can cost almost as much as the value of the machine.

In conclusion, inverter machines’ advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Get one welding machine and experience good service.