In our today’s piece, we will talk about the useful features that errors in prediction carry with them. We will try to understand why it is not so easy to make mistakes, we will talk about accepting the inevitable result and understanding your weaknesses. We will also try to identify exactly how to make mistakes to start taking the right risks.

The goal of every bettor is to win money from the bookmaker. That is, by and large – to get back more than he invested. At first glance, the claim that mistakes in this process can have a positive effect sounds illogical and irrational. However, let’s not get ahead of ourselves and talk about this topic in more detail. More interesting articles on sports betting, startgames and betting tips can be found on the Paribet website. 

To err as well as to win is not so easy

Placement of bets, like many other processes in life, has the difficulty that sometimes it is very difficult to determine what is right and what is wrong. A successful bet does not always mean that you have predicted everything correctly. It may be that your soccer team only scored the winning goal in the last minute of the match from a very controversial penalty kick. Or it could also be that the basketball club missed an unexpectedly high amount due to biased reasons and your bet turned out to be a loser. Hence the question: is it possible to lose but still be right about the logic of a prediction?

Any bettor knows or should know that it is possible to make a correct prediction and not win and vice versa – to bet wrong and make a profit. In sports betting, a lot depends on luck, not only on the skill and prowess of the team or individual athlete. It is impossible to predict with 100% confidence the outcome of any event, because nobody cancelled the factors of chance and bad luck.

As for luck, it can have an effect not only on a single game, but also on the entire series, because you have probably heard the expression “hit a streak of bad luck” or “caught luck by the tail. The player’s rejection of these seemingly insignificant factors can turn into not just a loss within a certain period of time, but the complete collapse of your bankroll. Sometimes it’s hard to admit to yourself that you made a prediction mistake. But this self-critical approach helps you improve your own skills and become better. You cannot always do everything right and losses are inevitable – any professional betting player understands that. But it is possible to minimize losses in such cases if you know the right approach.

Accept the Inevitable

If you are a novice bettor and expect to win most of the time, you are in for a disappointment. Often the norm for a successful bettor is to win 55% of the time (assuming the odds of winning are one to one, i.e. at odds of 2.00). Even the most active professionals lose 40% of their bets. This does not mean that you did something wrong, but only confirms the words about the influence of chance and luck factors on the outcome of events.

A lot of people think they are incredible experts in the betting world, which is their delusion. The sooner you realize and accept that this is not the case, the sooner you will be able to start avoiding most of the mistakes that others make. Only by accepting for yourself the inevitability of potential losses will you begin to improve your skills and improve. Put aside the idea that “they didn’t play the game right” and you won’t repeat the mistakes of most such “experts.

Experience mistakes while continuing to take the right risks

Mistakes in prediction help you improve your skills and manage your bankroll properly. With a small starting capital, you are unlikely to achieve heights in this area if you use your funds unwisely. Losing a large amount at a time will most likely make you not repeat similar cases in the future and save your money. The right thing to do would be to bet with a fixed limit each time until you see significant improvements in your results.


After you reach certain peaks in the betting world – you can use proportional placement, such as the Kelly method. A methodical approach and a range of personal limits will help you achieve the discipline you need, which will only have a positive effect on your future results. This will teach you proper risk management, and when betting a large amount, you will be firmly convinced of the correctness of your choice and will not be so upset at a possible loss. If you are afraid to take risks, you will not be able to become a successful betting player. Accepting this will help you achieve profits in the long run.

As a conclusion to today’s article, I would like to say that prediction errors by themselves are not the worst and most irreparable. They help a good forecaster to make right conclusions and improve his skills. Analyzing the events you’ve already played helps even more – you can understand where you’ve made a mistake and minimize that risk in the future. Try to follow a system and move methodically in your chosen direction, remembering to make adjustments when new information comes in.