If coloring has always been your favorite activity, you can now do it on your tablet or smartphone. This is due to the abundance of color by number games made specifically for mobile platforms. Furthermore, these games only require your attention; you don’t need to be an expert at matching colors. Because the color fills in with just one tap, you won’t need much time to complete the picture.

These enjoyable, de-stressing games are excellent for relaxing. Your concentration and creativity may both increase if you play Color by Number. Let’s now examine some of the top Color by Number games you can download on your mobile device and enjoy in your leisure time.

  • Happy ColorTM Color by Number

One of the most downloaded color by number apps for Android is unquestionably this one. This app allows you to color beautiful drawings. Once the game is installed, you can color on the digital canvas. Match the numbers you see with the colors listed beneath the image to color the pictures. You can see that the idea is exactly like a real painting. The app offers a library of more than 4000 photos, all free. All the images have been classified to make it even easier for you to select the photo you wish to color.

Images of people, animals, landscapes, flowers, and more can be found in the categories. The app also provides you with hints in case you encounter difficulties. After you finish drawing, save your work so you may show it to your friends.

  • Pixel Art: Color By Number

As the name implies, you can color pixelated pictures in Pixel Art. There are no realistic or watercolor images in this app’s collection. In this coloring app, pixelated images in both 2D and 3D can be colored. When using this app, you can only color the images by number and not select your own colors.

Images are divided up into cells and assigned numbers. The number must match a color that is accessible in the app. Additionally, this coloring app offers a huge selection of photos. Any image may easily be converted into a pixel drawing using this app. You must upload a photo to the app to do that.

  • Tap Color: Color by Number Art Coloring Game

This is also another fantastic color by number game. With a few touches, you can produce a work of art. All you need to do is adhere to the guidelines provided by the app. The player must match each region of the drawing with its corresponding number using the shade palette at the bottom of the screen. There are more than 5000 photos to color in this app. As a result, you may be sure that you’ll never grow bored because new photographs are always being added.

For ease of navigation, the drawings are also separated into categories. These groups comprise animals, the outdoors, floral arrangements, etc. After finishing coloring, you can share the outcome right from the app. This app is excellent for color by numbers because it provides hints that will reveal your missing numbers.

  • Color Time- Paint by Number

You have a variety of alternatives to pick from when using this app, both in terms of themes and categories. You can choose to color a wide range of subjects, including but not limited to flowers, animals, lifestyle, food, etc.

You will have a simple and enjoyable user experience with this amazing app. The game is made simple to choose a subject and begin an adventure in coloring. To add color to a picture, choose the image you want to color, then choose a color, and last, tap on the part of the image you want the color to go.

You will have the chance to complete a painting from beginning to end. The photographs are of excellent quality and cover various subjects and categories. It is also a pleasant activity you can do with your family and friends while showcasing your artwork.

  • Fancy Color- Paint by Number

Today’s population is exposed to various images and videos and spends much time viewing them. It should, therefore, not be surprising that many people eventually develop a type of visual memory that they must repeat to themselves to stay stimulated. The easiest way to do that is to have a lot of images to look at and paint from, which is the goal of this app.

You can practice painting with this app’s more than 10,000 images. You can paint anything you want because they are divided into several categories.