The Best Countries For Renewable Energy Jobs


The Renewable Energy and Jobs Annual Review published by the International Renewable Energy Agency reveals which countries provide the most opportunities for renewable energy jobs. The data included in this table are based on data for 2017-2018. For a detailed list of renewable energy employment statistics, see the IRENA report. Listed below are the top five countries in terms of renewable energy employment. For each country, we have listed the number of jobs per renewable energy subsector and calculated the total number of jobs.

As of 2017, the world’s leading countries for renewable energy jobs include Denmark, Latvia and Sweden. Together, these countries account for 3.79% of all renewable jobs. Other top countries include Colombia, Croatia, Bulgaria, and the United Kingdom. In terms of number of people employed in the renewable energy industry, Sweden has the highest rate of job growth (24 percent).

Many countries are racing to become low-carbon nations by developing and embracing renewable energy. But ranking countries based on renewable energy is not fair. Many factors can affect renewable energy adoption. In addition to politics, size, and resources, each country has its own unique advantages and disadvantages. For example, Germany has ample geothermal resources, while Denmark has been improving its wind power production for over a decade. Denmark is betting big on solar and has already stopped oil exploration in the North Sea.

In addition to renewable energy jobs, renewables can create decent employment for people in many different fields. Renewable energy jobs do not necessarily mean becoming a renewable energy expert; they are seeking professionals with experience in a variety of fields and an understanding of the production chain. Unlike many other technical sectors, the renewable energy industry is not immune to the looming talent crisis. In fact, nearly half of renewable energy companies express concern about a potential skills gap.