High rapid mixer granulator are machines used for mixing powders and granulating them into tiny particles, distinguished by their efficiency, safety, and dependability.

Granulation is heavily dependent upon several variables, such as starting materials, binder solution quantity and chopper rotation speed. These elements affect particle size and quality as well as granule growth kinetics.


Preprinting is essential to keep mixing elements clean during pre-rinsing. This can be accomplished either manually with a hose at recommended concentration and temperature, or using an industrial dishwasher.

Pre-rinse units require a spray nozzle that permits consistent water flow at various rates and times. This is essential for maintaining functionality, fulfilling code requirements, and extending the life of the unit.

When shopping for a pre-rinse unit, make sure it’s easy to maintain. Make sure it has no handles or levers that could collect food particles.

Furthermore, ensure your mixing bowl is capable of handling batches of various sizes. This is essential for efficient granulation and will save you money in the long run.


Post-rinse is a cleaning procedure to eliminate residue from the Rapid tablet granulation machine. It should be done immediately to guarantee all detergent and gunk has been eliminated.

To achieve the desired effect, soak your equipment with water or use a hose at recommended temperature and concentration for 5-10 minutes. Alternatively, spraying with detergent solution will accomplish the same result.

High shear mixer granulators use large mechanical forces to blend and granulate powder granules. This produces dandified, less friable granules with an even particle size distribution.

High shear granulators are frequently employed in pharmaceutical industries because they offer reproducible granulation results with minimal operator exposure to drug dust. Furthermore, these machines require only a small amount of binder liquid for processing granules, making them cost-effective to run and less likely to overwater granules and cause larger lumps.

Final Rinse

The final rinse process is essential for maintaining product quality. It removes any remaining contaminants from the machine and helps clean equipment. In some cases, it could even be used as a post-spray for pH stabilization, if required.

Rapid Mixer Granulators are granulation equipment that utilizes shear energy to compress materials into fine particles. These machines feature a rotor that spins at high speed to stir materials into fine grains.

These mixer granulators come with either a mechanical or peristaltic pump. Additionally, they feature a spraying nozzle which atomizes the granulation solution, creating consistent-sized grains.

Rapid Mixer Granulators have additional features that will enhance your granulation process. These include a frame to support the weight of the machine, a chopper that breaks up large lumps into smaller pieces and an output port for pumping granules into a container. With these factors in place, you can be certain your granulation runs smoothly and efficiently.


The drying process of rapid mixer granulators is the next essential step to guarantee product quality. A proper granulation machine should be equipped with all necessary equipment for eliminating excess moisture from powdered materials.

To achieve this, the mixing bowl of a high shear granulation machine must be designed to isolate it from its environment. Doing this helps reduce dust and pollution during processing.

Granulation is the process of mixing dried primary powder crystals with a granulating agent (a method of applying liquid solution to material). A reliable granulation machine should be able to regulate solvent volume, binder amount and mechanical motion for consistent granules.


Rapid mixer granulators are essential equipment for granulating powders into tiny particles, but to ensure product quality, proper cleaning and drying processes are necessary. The pre-rinse process involves cleaning the mixing elements manually or using an industrial dishwasher to maintain their functionality and extend their lifespan. Post-rinse eliminates residue from the machine and ensures that all detergent and gunk have been eliminated. The final rinse removes any remaining contaminants from the machine to maintain product quality. The drying process is essential for eliminating excess moisture from powdered materials, and a reliable granulation machine should regulate solvent volume, binder amount, and mechanical motion for consistent granules.