If you are looking to become a contractor in Oregon, there are a few things you need to know. The contractor license is a legal document that allows you to bid and work on minor and major projects. With this document, you are sure your clients trust you to hire you. The requirements for obtaining an Oregon contractors license can be confusing, so here is a complete guide to help you obtain one.

Steps to Get Oregon Contractors License

Now that you know which type of contractor you want to become, here are the steps you need to take to get licensed:

Pre-License Course

The first step in obtaining your Oregon contractors license is to complete a CCB-approved pre-license course. This course is designed to teach you about the laws and regulations related to Oregon construction, safety protocols, and best practices. Once you have completed the course, you will receive a certificate that must be submitted with your application for licensure.

Application Process

Once you have completed your pre-license course, it’s time to apply for your license. You can find the application form on the CCB website. Along with your completed application form, you must submit proof of insurance, a copy of your pre-license certificate, and any applicable licensing fees. The current fee for an initial application is $325, while renewal fees are $325 every two years.

License Renewal Process

Your Oregon contractors license must be renewed every two years in order to remain valid. To renew your license, simply fill out the renewal form on the CCB website and submit it along with proof of insurance and any applicable licensing fees ($325). You can also use the CCB Online Services portal to manage your license information or review/complete continuing education requirements.

Additional Requirements

In addition to obtaining an Oregon contractors license, there may be additional requirements depending on what type of work you plan on doing. For example, if you plan on working as an elevator contractor in Oregon, then you must obtain an elevator contractor’s license from the Building Codes Division of the Department of Consumer and Business Services. To qualify for this type of license, applicants must provide a completed application form along with proof of insurance and any applicable licensing fees.

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Obtaining an Oregon contractors license can seem daunting, but it is necessary if you want to work legally within this industry within this state. Following the steps outlined above, you’ll be well on your way toward becoming licensed as a general, residential, or construction contractor. Remember that each endorsement type has its specific requirements, so make sure that you research them thoroughly before starting any licensing process.