The casino was popular several decades ago, and this area does not lose its relevance and relevance today. Millions of players bet, spin the reels, play table games, win real money, and get the most out of their gaming experience. At the same time, users choose the appropriate gaming platform that meets their preferences and requirements.

For example, a highly demanded platform among Indian bettors is pin up betting online. On this site, you can bet on various sports events, choose a variety of games from leading providers, receive profitable bonuses, and collect large cash rewards if you win.

Do you also like to spend your free time playing various gambling games? Using a smartphone or tablet to do this, do you know how long the gambling industry has come to the point where this was possible? You just need to get acquainted with the basic historical information that will help you understand the evolution that the casino managed to go through from the moment of formation to the active development of online gambling entertainment.

How the casino was born and developed in the world

Gambling has been around for thousands of years and was played by our ancestors before written historical records existed. They have existed in every organized society known to mankind. The casino is a later phenomenon, which has somewhat transformed the usual idea of gambling entertainment. Experts distinguish three main stages of its development:

  • It is known that the earliest casinos existed as early as 1000 BC in China. Further, this industry had to go a long way before such entertainment became in demand and popular. The first widely known casino was founded in 1638. It was called Il Ridotto and was part of the Palazzo Dandolo (Hotel Danieli) in Venice. The main entertainments offered within the walls of this gambling entertainment were biribi (ancient roulette) and bassetta (card game of yesteryear). After 136 years of operation, the gambling hall closed its doors to the public.
  • The next page in the history of casinos was the development of land-based establishments in Las Vegas and beyond. Cities such as Macau, Las Vegas, and Monte Carlo (Monaco) have developed a tourism industry centered around their casinos. Almost all major cosmopolitan tourist centers such as London, Paris, Singapore, and Melbourne can boast of having luxurious hotels with large-scale gambling establishments operating on their territory. However, the COVID-19 outbreak has had a major dampening effect on this market in 2020. In turn, this led to the development of a completely new direction – online gambling.
  • The first online casino software was developed by Microgaming in 1994. Another year was spent developing casino management tools and player-tracking systems. Finally, in 1996, CryptoLogic developed a secure online financial transaction system and launched “InterCasino”, the first online application that offered both casino games and an integrated online payment system. While nothing beats the feel of a real brick-and-mortar casino, the affordability and ease of access to mobile gaming platforms are slowly tipping the scales in their favor.

The gambling industry is constantly changing, updating, and improving, and if a few years ago it was unrealistic to imagine that it would be possible to play blackjack or roulette on the go using your smartphone, now it has already become commonplace. Right now is the perfect time to also get acquainted with the world of gambling, especially since you can do it anytime and anywhere. Choose a proven gaming platform, register, and play for fun, getting the opportunity to collect real money winnings.