There are some fantastic benefits to taking up a sport besides sheer enjoyment, especially as you approach your golden years. It is important to realize that sport is not just for the young; it is never too late to get involved. Many community centers and sports clubs cater to all ages and abilities. Failing that, there are also gyms and personal trainers that will be able to help you get in shape so you feel more confident about approaching your local club to help you achieve your desired sports club goal.

Make your choice wisely

Before we get into the benefits of taking up a sport, it is best to choose one carefully. There is a reason why contact sports players have to be at the top of their game, something like a spinal cord injury is life-changing in every aspect of the word. Even though new technologies, such as spinal cord injury treatment, are improving recovery times and outcomes, it is still important to take on only what your body can manage. You might need to improve your fitness before taking on a higher intensity sport, or you might need to take on an ‘easier’ version – like paddleball instead of tennis.


1. Provides an exercise regime

Most sports that will instantly come to mind such as football, soccer, baseball, and basketball can require an extremely intense regime to keep you fit and in shape. However, you will find that there are sports which can be taken up by those of more mature years or that require a gentler sport to take part in. For instance, you should not forget about tennis, badminton or boules, and you must understand the risks involved with any sports activities.

2. Improves your social life

Getting involved with a sport you are interested in will open up your social life and allow you to meet like-minded people to enjoy the company of. You will find that most clubs have varied events organized. Even if you are not involved with the top teams or are actually competing in competitions yourself, you can still attend to cheer your club along or help them raise money at fundraising events.

3. Aids your minds focusing skills

Any exercise will increase your mind’s ability to work and focus. This is purely down to blood flow and oxygen levels within your body. However, if you are at a point in your life where you have little or nothing to focus on, it can become a method of getting your brain back into action in a delightful manner.

Final thoughts

There are many reasons why you should get involved in your local sports club, these are just a few. Of course, most if not all clubs will cater to various abilities or offer basic training to enhance your ability and encourage you to take part in whatever form that you possibly can. However, you should choose the sport you will take part in carefully and consider your own personal ability before you dive headlong into participating.