The best player in CS:GO should have a special set of skills. Being able to complete missions effectively is what makes them stand out from the crowd. But how is it possible to enhance productivity? The ability to use all CS:GO mechanics surely boosts the winning potential. Movement is one such mechanic that should be taken seriously. Let us see how it works in practice.

CS:GO Movements to Be Aware of


The engine of CS:GO is activated through dispatch. This is what determines strategic mechanics in the game. When pressing W, you start raising the speed dynamically. You reach the maximum performance with the selected weapon, after which you act at a solid speed.

But what affects the pace of action? When the game starts, you experience the game accelerating in action. Everything starts going faster and more dynamically. TWhen dispatch and friction get along, it is easier to reach the highest speed.

Additionally, the highest fall harm is 695. In CS:GO matches, the highest possible speed is set at approximately 3500 so you can get such damage by collapsing from 180 in-game meters. The main thing here is speeding up, which needs to be mastered for further action.

Raising speed

The gamer model reaches full speed in about 0.30 second. Then, friction approaches the non-linear acceleration. For example, if you have a knife, your speed reaches 250 units per second. So your hero starts running with a knife in his hand. The specific model will jump up to 50 units per second in 0.032 seconds. Just imagine how fast this can be! This automatically increases your chances of completing the mission faster and more effectively.

Special action

You have to manage stair climbing and bunny-hopping effectively. The first one comes up with a couple of rules. Thus, movement speed will be determined by the camera location, whether it is fronted or lateral. You can climb the stairs much faster if you focus on the direct movement by using action keys simultaneously.

The second type enhances your position on the stairs and pushes your character away at a high speed. This mechanism can be used to quickly leave the ladder or throw bombs at your enemies. Reading about this nuance in CS:GO esports news will help you improve your skills and boost efficiency in a short time.

Slowing down and stopping

After moving for too long, it is time for slowing down and eventually stopping. You just release the moving button and come to the stand position in a short time. At the same time, your model will carry on with the action by inertia. The fastest way to stop is by counter strafe. This can be done by pressing the S button, which serves as an alternative to backward movement.

Aerial acrobatics

Don’t forget about air movement. Even though control is not total, a competent gamer can move in a different direction. Several steps are more than enough to benefit from the trick. You move ahead, jump when needed, and stop pushing the W button. You can change the direction while jumping. You can also boost your speed while completing a mission.

Walking and crouching

Running is not always a good solution during gameplay. Sometimes, you need to reach the target in a more slow-paced way. This is when walking seems to be a good solution. You can move in a way that won’t be heard by enemies, which makes it easier to perform secret missions.

Are you far from the initial location, you can approach from behind it, checking for rivals around it. Due to the existing prospects, you can notice opponents before they realize you are nearby. Well, this works only if you are farther to the place than the rival. It is crucial to analyze such details before completing this or that mission. A single mistake can make you fail the mission so you have to start everything from the very beginning.

Crouching is not the most convenient position, but it helps your character become hardly noticeable to enemies. Moreover, it hardly makes any sound while your gun shoots more correctly. The mechanics allow you to fit into limited spaces somewhere among small bushes or a small river. Mastering the action strategy, you can get your opponents surprised with unexpected attacks and gain an advantage in CS:GO games today.