Tips to play rummy online


When we play rummy online, we may face some problems winning the game. It can result in losing points or even cash. We play with a lot of different kinds of players when we switch to online rummy.

Some have months of experience, some are new players, and some have tricks up their sleeve which helps them win. We can find ourselves losing more often than winning. So, the question is, what can we do to win? Here are some tips and tricks to win an online rummy game.

1) Don’t wait 

Sometimes, in rummy, we are unable to make a group because we can’t get our hands on a specific card or its replacement. It is not advisable to wait for that specific card to fall into your lap by luck. The better option is to lose that group and form a new plan.

2) Joker cards are a turning point

In the game of rummy, the joker cards can help you win a game with ease. It depends on the number of jokers you have. There are five jokers in a rummy game. If you get joker cards, you can put them in another pure sequence group or put them in a set of the same cards and finish the game.

3) Pure sequence should be made first

One of the main problems that we face in the game of rummy is not enough cards for the pure sequence. One pure sequence group is a must, and the joker card is a useless card in this case. 

So, complete the pure sequence group first before finding other cards.

4) Be Vague

Try to be unpredictable while choosing and disposing of useless cards. It helps in deceiving the other players, and they might discard a card that you can add to your group of cards. 

So, try not too obvious in picking the cards. When you pick cards of the same color or number it gives the players an idea of your cards. The players can use their cards to make you lose the game. 

5) Observe the other players

While you try to be discreet and unpredictable while disposing and choosing cards to make a group, observe the other player’s move. What cards do they pick, and what do they dispose of? 

It will help in having a vague idea of the other player’s cards, and you can prevent them from winning by not giving them the cards to win.

6) Middle card will make you lose

Sometimes, to form a pure sequence, we don’t have the middle card. For example, we may have six and eight but not seven for a pure sequence. It is not a good idea to wait for the seven, but it will waste your time and make you lose the opportunity to form another pure sequence. So, lose the middle card before it is too late and form another group.

These were some ways we can use to maximize our chances of winning the game of online rummy.