Dear Ladies, it’s time to step away from the narrow ideals of beauty and create your own with confidence- with the handle of love. Smile and spread positivity everywhere as we all are unique.

With world famous media houses and celebrities endorsing new ideas of self – love with social acceptance, more and more brands, designers and websites are launching new plus size trends each fashion season. So now you can easily find the trendiest women’s plus size dresses that will accentuate your figure and keep style quotient intact.

Top 5 Ethnic Plus Size Suits For Women

1. Plus Size Anarkali Suit

The Anarkali suit pattern is the perfect outfit for women of different body types and sizes.

Anarkali Suits look attractive so you don’t have to worry about being unattractive, plus It is the preferred clothing for women of size. Tall women look very attractive in this floor-length dress.The clothes complement the size and look trendy.

In today’s westernized India, career-minded young women are reluctant to learn how to wear a sari as it is a time consuming process. They prefer things that can be worn in shorter spans. Therefore, among all Indian attire, Anarkali suits are found to be more suitable.It is also favored by middle-aged women. You can move and work freely without worrying about pallus and wrinkles.

2. Plus Size Salwar Suits

Nowadays plus size salwar suits are very popular  in traditional Indian fashion clothing. Tailored for tall, curvy bodies. With thoughtful patterns, designs and colors, these clothes will make you fall in love with your body again! Plus-size suits are designed with materials that hug your body and replicate your natural shape without looking heavy.

3. Plus Size Saree 

Choosing lightweight fabrics such as chiffon, georgette or mesh will give a flowing effect instead of making your body look wider. Saree with vertical stripes or diagonal patterns are best for plus size women. Draping banarasi sarees with plus size silk blouses make you classy and stylish. You can just leave a few pleats so that it doesn’t add too much to the center of the waist. It is the perfect saree for plus size women with her drape style.

4. Plus Size Palazzo Suit

The Palazzo Salwar suit is perfect for women with a heavy body. Palazzo suits are very trendy and offer a very comfortable look for all occasions. Choose flowing fabrics like chiffon, satin, mesh and georgette to look slim and flattering. Jacket style salwar suits are also perfect for plus size women. Choose a bright dupatta for an elegant and sophisticated look. Get inspired by our plus size celebrity looks.

5. Floor Length Dresses

Designer floor length dresses are great if you want something different from the traditional. Dark dresses work well because they make you look slimmer. Ruffled dresses are the trend today. Also suitable for plus size women. Choose a v-neck, sweetheart or deep scoop neckline to create the illusion of a slimmer look.

Yes, no one is perfect. Everyone has different sizes and curves and bodies. Choosing the right clothes and colors will minimize figure imperfections.