Businesses must use intelligent and powerful marketing techniques to stand out in the fast-paced digital environment. Explainer films, produced by custom explainer video services, are one such tool. This article examines explainer video animation, its use in marketing, and how to pick the best provider for your firm.

Introduction to Explainer Video Animation

An explainer video animation is a brief, exciting video that clearly and persuasively explains a company’s story or product. These movies are frequently used in marketing presentations, social networking sites, and business websites. They can simplify complex information so the target audience can grasp and retain it better.

An explainer video animation company makes these kinds of videos. They have a staff of experts proficient in sound design, animation, scriptwriting, and storytelling. Their objective is to create videos that inspire viewers to act, whether purchasing a product, subscribing to a newsletter, or just sharing the video with others.

Using explainer videos in businesses of all sizes and sectors can be advantageous. These movies provide a unique and powerful approach to conveying a message, from tech businesses introducing a new product to organizations raising awareness about a subject.

The Power of Visual Storytelling in Marketing

The use of visual storytelling in marketing is effective. Businesses may use it to stand out from rivals, communicate their brand personality, and establish a closer connection with their audience. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that explainer video animation is quickly becoming crucial to many marketing efforts.

Explainer videos can effectively express a brand’s narrative in a way that is entertaining and educational. They can take viewers on a journey by demonstrating how a product functions, its advantages, and why they ought to pick it over competing products. They may also arouse feelings in viewers, causing them to have specific perceptions of a company or item.

Additionally, explainer videos can strengthen a business’s internet presence. They can raise website traffic, promote social media engagement, and optimize SEO. They can also be applied to web advertising, email marketing, and other digital marketing projects.

The Role of an Explainer Video Animation Company

A company’s marketing initiatives may benefit significantly from the services of an explainer video animation company. They can assist a business in effectively and compellingly communicating its value offer. Additionally, they can support a business’s efforts to engage with customers, raise brand recognition, and increase sales.

An excellent explainer video animation company will invest time in learning about a client’s industry, objectives, and target market. They will use this data to produce a video that connects with viewers and yields the intended outcomes.

An explainer video production company will also manage every part of video production. Scriptwriting, storyboarding, animation, voicing, sound design, and editing are all included in this. They will also offer advice on marketing and video distribution.

The Process of an Explainer Video Production Company

A production business for explainer videos often follows a multi-step procedure. They will first hold a discovery meeting to learn more about the client’s operation, goods, or services. They will also discuss the customer’s objectives, target market, and any particular suggestions or demands the client may have.

The business will then write the video’s screenplay after that. This will describe the video’s storyline, point of view, and call to action. Before the script is finished, the client will have the chance to evaluate it and offer suggestions.

The company will make a storyboard after the script has been accepted. This illustrates the script’s plot, indicating how each scene in the movie will play out. Before the storyboard is finished, the customer will have the option to examine and offer suggestions.

After that, the business will switch to animation. By incorporating motion, color, and detail, they will bring the storyboard to life. Additionally, they will add music or sound effects and record a narration.

The business will then edit the movie to ensure everything looks professional. They will send the client the completed film and any extra resources or files required for dissemination.

Importance of Custom Explainer Video Services

Companies must use custom explainer video services to stand out in a crowded market. With the help of these services, companies can produce original videos that express their corporate identity and speak directly to their target market.

Businesses may select their explainer videos’ style, duration, tone, and content using custom video production services. They can use their brand’s logo, colors, and other branding components. Additionally, they can modify the video’s message to ensure it appeals to their target and advances their marketing objectives.

Furthermore, custom explainer video services can deliver greater quality and outcomes compared to DIY video creation tools or pre-made video templates. They can offer skilled scriptwriting, narration, animation, voice acting, and sound engineering. They can also provide knowledgeable guidance on video distribution and marketing.

How to Choose the Right Explainer Video Animation Company

The success of your video marketing campaign depends on selecting the best explainer video animation company. Here are some things to think about.

Start by examining the company’s portfolio. You may judge their ingenuity, quality, and style from this. Look for entertaining, understandable, and visually appealing videos.

Next, take the company’s experience and knowledge into account. How long has the company been in operation? What kinds of customers have they served? Do they have any prior experience in your field?

Think about the business’s procedure as well. Do they spend the effort to comprehend your aims and business? Do they provide specialized services? Do they offer chances for modifications and feedback?

Finally, think over the company’s rates and offers. Are their costs disclosed clearly? Offer them a fair value for the money?

Case Studies of Successful Explainer Video Campaigns

There are numerous instances of companies using explainer videos to tremendous effect. These case studies are provided.

One of the most well-known instances is Dropbox. Initially, The business utilized a straightforward explainer video to introduce its goods and attract new customers. According to reports, the video significantly increased sign-ups by over 10%.

Another illustration is the online analytics application Crazy Egg. The business demonstrated to potential clients how its solution could help them enhance their website through an explanation video. Conversions and income significantly increased as a result of the video.

Panorama9, a network management business, comes in last. They distinguished themselves from rivals by using an explanatory film to streamline their complex offering. Thanks to the film, they saw an increase in leads, conversions, and customer satisfaction.

Pricing and Packages for Explainer Video Production Services

Several variables can affect how much explainer video production services cost. These factors include the video’s length, tone, intricacy, and turnaround time.

Some explainer video animation studios provide predefined packages with predetermined costs for specific sorts of movies. Others provide personalized rates based on the demands and specifications of the client.

As a general rule, a high-quality, professional explainer video can range in price from a few thousand to tens of thousands of dollars. However, a well-made explainer film can provide a significant return on investment, making it a valuable marketing outlay.

Future Trends in Explainer Video Animation

The field of explainer video animation is continually evolving, with new styles and technologies appearing. Here are a few fashion trends to keep an eye on.

The rise of interactive explainer videos comes first. The interactive nature of these videos increases the immersion and engagement of the viewing experience.

The increasing use of 3D animation comes next. This can give explainer videos additional visual impact by giving them depth and realism.

The significance of mobile optimization is a final point. Explainer videos must be mobile-friendly, given that more and more people are watching videos on their cell phones.


In conclusion, explainer video animation is a potent marketing tool that may assist companies in efficiently communicating with their customers, capturing their attention, and generating results. A competent explainer video animation studio can provide the knowledge and tools to produce powerful, high-caliber videos. Explainer video animation may be a helpful tool for both small and large businesses trying to increase their internet visibility or decipher a complicated product.