The term “digital money,” also referred to as “crypto” or “digital currency,” refers to any kind of money that exists and makes use of cryptography to facilitate transactions. USDC is an alternative to Tether (USDT) and TrueUSD (TUSD), two cryptographic forms of money that the United States Dollar supports. The fact that USDC can be converted back into USD at any time merited attention. The brand-new USDC are sent to the customer, and the substituted US dollars are kept for later use. Then, when a client wishes to recuperate USDC back for dollars, the usdt price is forever destroyed to keep a solid sponsorship. KuCoin is basically a leading cryptocurrency exchange that serves every one of the four holders of cryptocurrencies in the world. Together with Ethereum, TRON, KCS, Algorand, ARBITRUM, and OPTIMISM, KuCoin has safeguarded USDC.


USDC is an alternative to Tether (USTC) and TrueUSD (TUSD), two cryptographic forms of money supported by the United States Dollar. The fact that USDC can be converted back into USD at any time merited attention. A smart contract on the blockchain guarantees the giving and taking back of USDC tokens. USDC, worth $53.1 billion, is currently available for use. Center created USDC, a partnership between two cryptocurrency exchange. The Center Consortium keeps up with USDC’s stake in the US dollar to ensure simplicity. Circle uses various resources, such as dollars, T-bills, and other highly volatile speculations.

How USDC Works

To make a USDC token, one US dollar must be kept in the guarantor’s ledger. The backer hopes to achieve a comparable amount of USDC through clever agreements. Stablecoins are founded on the principle of one-to-one sponsorship. Therefore, honesty and trustworthiness are typically significant and fundamental for the USDC Stablecoin convention. In addition, USDC assisted the best five bookkeeping firms, Grant Thornton, in maintaining full savings of the same government-issued money and providing a higher level of simplicity.

How To Convert USDC To USDT 

The USD coin and Tether are both Stablecoins with a $1 value (though their value can fluctuate slightly). Why would a person trade assets that are nearly identical? Trading pairs is the solution. USDT debuted in 2015 and is currently ranked third in market capitalization. In this way, there are more crypto matches with USDT than USDC. Let’s talk now that you know your reasons!

The following steps are required to convert USD coins to Tether:

In the currency exchange window, pick USD Coin and Tether OMNI. After that, enter the number of cryptocurrencies you wish to exchange.

  • Choose between floating or fixed rates.
  • Enter the address of your USDT wallet.
  • Send the amount of cryptocurrency on your screen to the wallet address we will provide. Please complete this one transaction.
  • That’s all! Enjoy your brand-new USDT; it will soon be in your wallet.

Users typically receive their coins within five to thirty minutes. However, there might be intriguing special cases when exchanges take longer. A rush of orders, for instance, could overload the blockchain, and the trading partner could face technical difficulties.

To Exchange USDC For USDT, Do I Need To Be Verified?

For the usdc to usdt pair, you don’t need to get verified. You will initially be asked to confirm your email address. When you need to change your password, review your transaction history, or update your account settings, an email confirmation will also come in handy. One more type of check – 2FA. Each time you sign in on your phone or computer, there is a second verification step instead of a single one. You can turn it off anytime, but we recommend keeping it on for better account security.

How Much Does The USDC / USDT Pair Need To Be Exchanged For?

Even though the values of the two currencies are fairly comparable, we still set the minimum amount to facilitate processing and justify the network fees that are assessed regardless of the transaction amount. The lowest possible exchange rate is as follows:

110.316246 USDC is equivalent to 77.94 USDT. Remember that the total may vary if you select a fixed exchange rate. This is because the conversion rate changes every 30 seconds, and there are no guarantees that 110.316246 USDC will continue to be worth the same amount after some time has passed.