Cane juice extractors consist of a series of crushing rollers. Previously peeled sugar cane is sandwiched between adjacent rollers that crush it, separating juice from the flesh.

This article looks at the different features of an extractor and how they determine the price of the sugar cane extractor machine you buy.

Sugar cane juice is a healthy drink that gives an instant energy boost. However, getting it from the sugarcane is a daunting task, given the nature of the stalks. They are not easy to chew through, and even after chewing, there is the task of disposing of the peels.

Since littering the environment as you enjoy your favorite juice is not an option, you should go for the drink. A sugarcane machine extractor makes the juice, and they have different features that include:

Manual vs. Powered

A manual extractor is operated using the hand and is straightforward to clean. It has been used to extract juice from other fruits too. Powered-sugarcane extractors are connected to a power source, usually electricity. Though they are more costly than manual ones, they are fast, efficient, time-saving, and easier to operate.

They also last longer than their manual counterparts. There are also battery-operated extractors with low power consumption and less noise.


Sugarcane juice extractor prices in Kenya differ depending on the design. When choosing an extractor, pick one that is easy to clean and operate. There is a high-speed covered bin design ideal for catering and significant events, a high-speed countertop design ideal for raised areas, and a countertop ideal for homes and restaurants.

Your need will determine your design because the three come at different prices.

Anti-leakage features

An ideal sugarcane extractor should have inbuilt bagasse barrels that ensure no juice leakage. The juice comes out healthy and clean. Manual ones need this feature, and you can lose some of the extracts during the process. The extract spillage will make the area messy and need cleaning from time to time.

Noiseless vs. Noisy

Diesel engine-powered and electric-powered sugarcane juice extractors produce some noise when used which can cause a restaurant disturbance. Some low-noise models are powered solid, which is ideal for commercial settings. Look out for the machine’s noise level to ensure it does not interfere with the customers’ peace.


The sugarcane extractors come in different sizes. Small ones are ideal for family use, while larger models are ideal for commercial use, which will fully utilize them. The size will determine prizes as large are more costly, but when you the cost with the benefits one gets from the business, it is justified to spend more to reap higher benefits.


Stainless steel is ideal for a sugarcane extractor because it is easy to clean and durable. High-quality material is costly but more durable than cheaper models that frequently require repair and replacement of parts.


When buying a sugarcane extractor, you must budget for a good quality one to get value for your money. Let price be one of many determinants when making a purchase. The features are also important. For more, visit