Oil extraction is the process that leads to the production of valuable products obtained from farm products, from coconut oil to peanut butter. However, the production of these products needs the actions of a machine for efficiency.

These machines are versatile, which plays essential roles in what agribusiness individuals can do with their yields. They are based on a screw system, which puts friction, heat, and pressure working systematically to squeeze out oil from different products. Keep reading to learn more.

It’s also called an oil extraction machine. It’s an agribusiness equipment that uses heat and pressure to squeeze out oil from agricultural products such as nuts, seeds, leafy plants, fruits, and vegetables using a screw press. Some products, such as nuts, are peeled before moving through the screw press.

After peeling them, they are fed into a screw system that compresses the screw in a high-pressure cylindrical chamber. While the product moves through a screw, heat and friction are generated. The heat contributes to high pressure to squeeze out much oil.

The oil then passes through the screen to ascertain there’s no solid moving, ensuring final clean and smooth products. The leftovers from pressed seeds—hard cake are removed from the oil press machine as the oil flows out separately into another container.

Parts of the oil press machine

Although these machines come in various configurations, here are the components you need to know.

  • Hopper – it’s a metal structure that funnels raw materials into a screw press.

The screw press is the powerhouse of the oil expeller with a screw shaft, which rotates in a cylindrical cage and pushes materials into the high-pressure chamber.

  • Slots – it’s also the “screen.” it’s a screening surface that allows oil to sip out to separate them with leftover materials moving from the screw press.
  • Gear reduction unit— also “the gearbox.” It converts the electric motor’s torque and speed to the machine’s appropriate settings.
  • Frame – it provides firm support and connects all machine components.

Besides, you can also find other components of the machine, like seals, gaskets, locknuts, and rings that make up more significant components linking them together. They can be elastomeric or metallic materials, providing a long operational life span in messy and tough conditions or functioning of oil pressing.

What can you make with your extracted oil?

Thanks to the machine, you can use the pressed natural seed oils and nuts to fry, bake or add flavor to your cooking, for example, cakes, bread, marinades, dips, pesto, salad dressings, or seasoning steamed vegetables or fish.

Benefits of oil extraction machine

From the concept that machines make work more accessible, there are many ways in which you can utilize oil extraction machines. Here are some few which are mentioned below;

  • The top benefit is that you know what is in the oil

A wide range of nuts and seeds can extract oil, each with its culinary uses and health benefits.Squeezing your oils assures you total responsibility for what goes into your oil.Unadulterated oil maintains its compound structure without any additives or factory changes. You can utilize these oils for good health, prosperity, and overall well-being.


While there is a wide range of oil extraction machines with different configurations, there’s still assurance of getting support for your oil pressing operations with high-quality components for your needs. Your equipment will always run smoothly from producing various tools, including custom rubber molding for the agricultural industry.