Personal injury cases are those where one person has suffered injuries and/or losses due to another person’s negligence. The law allows the victim to demand damages and recover them from the negligent party’s insurance provider. However, it has become increasingly tricky for accident victims to represent themselves before these big corporations, which is why they need a Lansing personal injury attorney in their corner.

Before hiring a personal injury lawyer, it is important to know the types of cases they handle. This can significantly improve your chances of hiring the right one for your needs. In this article, we go over the common personal injury cases an accident lawyer addresses.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Personal injury attorneys handle all cases wherein the victim has suffered injuries and/or losses due to motor vehicle accidents. This type of accident can involve cars, bicycles, motorcycles, buses, or trucks.

A motor vehicle accident lawyer can also represent you in pedestrian accident cases, when a car or other vehicle hits a pedestrian. They can also handle boating accident cases, aviation accidents, subway accidents, train accidents, and more.

It is important to note that different types of motor vehicle accidents require different expertise to prove the case and position it for the right outcomes. It is always recommended that you look for an experienced attorney practicing exclusively or mainly in the injury practice area for improved case outcomes.

Premises Liability

Premises liability relates to the responsibilities of a property owner to legal occupants or people using their property. This means that you could file a legal claim for damages if you’ve been hurt or injured while rightfully being on another person’s property – whether they are family or not.

The common theme in a premises liability case is often the presence of dangerous conditions that put property users at risk. Some common cases a personal injury lawyer can help with include slip and fall accidents, the presence of harmful chemicals or materials leading to health hazards, swimming pool accidents, negligent security, inadequate lighting, and faulty wiring.

Victims of any of the above injuries, including those who have been attacked by pets while rightfully on another person’s property, may be able to file a claim to seek damages for their injuries and losses.

Product Liability

There are laws that protect consumers from harmful and negative products. However, sometimes, products get out before their negative effects become known to the manufacturers.

In such cases, the manufacturers may be liable for releasing unsafe products that can potentially harm users. Personal injury lawyers can handle such cases, ensuring that hurt or injured victims get the compensation needed to cater to their specific losses.

Some of the common product liability issues may be due to unsafe products, negligent manufacturers, unclear instructions for use, and rise in health problems affecting the users.

Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice cases involve negligence on the part of medical professionals or medical institutions. It is considered a breach of trust and responsibility, especially as the patient trusts that their healthcare provider will act in their best interest to promote health and wellness.

Medical malpractice can be presented in various forms, from misdiagnosis to late diagnosis, treatment errors, surgical errors, hospital infections, and more. Patients may also suffer sinus infection, medical negligence, birth injuries, traumatic brain injury, bed sores, and others as part of their medical team’s negligence.

Families of dead medical malpractice victims can also seek out a medical malpractice lawyer for legal help in reviewing their case and establishing the facts. It is important to note that medical malpractice cases are often complex and require a lot of resources to investigate and defend (during negotiation or in court). Victims and their loved ones stand a better chance when they speak to personal injury attorneys with specific practice-area experience.

Workers’ Compensation

Employers and employees have a duty to themselves. One of the employer’s duties is to keep the working environment safe and healthy at all times. Failure to do this can lead to work-related accidents and injuries.

Injured employees are, by law, allowed to file a workers’ compensation claim for their losses. This claim will often include the cost of medical care, lost wages, pain and suffering, and others.

A personal injury lawyer practicing in the workers’ compensation field can help with such a challenge to ensure the employer and their insurance provider do the right thing.

Assault, Battery, and Violent Crimes

Personal injury lawyers also handle cases relating to assault (of all kinds), battery, and violent crimes. The lawyers ensure that injured victims get a chance to recoup their losses.

Injury lawyers will investigate the case, speak to witnesses (if any), and hire experts where needed to ensure a solid legal brief. They will also communicate demands to the insurance providers, negotiate with them, and push for the victim’s best interest.