Why You Should Choose Innago Over TurboTenant


Using property management software is a necessity in today’s landscape.

With software, landlords can save so much time and energy on tasks such as rent collection, tenant screening, lease signing, and maintenance management, all of which require much more legwork to stay on top of manually.

Furthermore, using software allows you to manage your properties yourself, which saves you from having to blow tons of money on expensive property management companies.

With so many software options out there, though, the task of choosing the right one can be stressful.

If you’ve boiled your options down to TurboTenant and Innago, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll be comparing Innago vs TurboTenant to prove why Innago is the better choice between the two.


Price is a huge variable to consider when deciding on a platform.

Innago is completely free for landlords. This means you have access to every feature the platform has to offer regardless of how many units you manage. If this is the case, how does Innago make its money?

Innago’s revenue comes from specific services charged to tenants. These include:

  • Bill Payments – When a tenant pays for rent via ACH, they’re charged an additional $2 fee. When they pay using a debit or credit card, they’re charged an additional 2.75%. As a landlord, you’re able to cover these costs if you’d like.
  • Applications – Applicants must pay $30 for a rental application that includes a credit and criminal report or $35 if you want the rental application to also include an eviction report.
  • Renters Insurance – Tenants can purchase renters insurance policies directly from the Innago platform. Prices vary.

TurboTenant has two payment plans. Their Free plan works like Innago, charging tenants for certain add-on services. TurboTenant’s Premium plan is $8.25 per month. This plan offers more advanced features than the Free plan and increased functionality.

Overall, TurboTenant is one of the most affordable software platforms on the market. With that said, it’s impossible to beat Innago’s pricing model. On Capterra, Innago earned 5 stars out of 5 when it comes to value for money, while TurboTenant earned 4.7 out of 5.

Customer Service

It’s important that your property management software offers you the smoothest user experience as possible. For this reason, choosing a platform with excellent customer service is a must.

Innago assigns a representative to every account for personalized service. You’ll receive your representative’s phone and email information for easy reach. After hours, you can almost always get ahold of someone on the general support line. If someone doesn’t answer immediately, you can be sure that someone will return your call or email within a couple of hours.

Innago also offers a blog full of articles and other resources, as well as webinars to help new users with the setup process and related questions. They even offer one-on-one demos by request.

TurboTenant offers email support, a help center with videos and demos, and a FAQ page. It’s important to note that users of the Free plan do not have phone support, and they must also wait longer for chat support. 

Because of these inconveniences, several reviews have complained about TurboTenant’s customer service. Overall, TurboTenant scored 4.2 stars out of 5 for its customer service, while Innago scored 4.9.


Your property management software must provide you with all the features your company requires. 

Here’s a list of the key features offered by TurboTenant:

  • Tenant screening reports
  • Online rent collection
  • Rental advertising and listing syndication
  • State specific leases and eSignatures
  • Automated reminders and late fees
  • Maintenance management
  • A “Landlord forms pack,” which provides dozens of rental forms, templates, and addendums

Here’s a list of the key features offered by Innago:

  • Tenant screening reports
  • Online rent collection
  • Listing syndication on major listing sites like Zumper, Realtor.com, and PadMapper
  • Online leasing with eSignatures and unlimited Cloud storage
  • Automated reminders, messages, and late fees
  • Maintenance management with ticket tracking and photo/video upload
  • Automated invoices and recurring billing
  • Financial reporting tools
  • Document management

Overall, Innago scored higher than TurboTenant for its features, receiving a 4.8-star rating compared to TurboTenant’s 4.5. While both platforms cover all the basics, Innago offers some helpful features that are absent on TurboTenant.


While Innago and TurboTenant are both solid platforms, it should be clear by now that Innago is the superior option.

Innago is totally free and still more comprehensive than TurboTenant’s premium version, and it provides much better customer service for its users than Turbotenant. 

When it comes to finding the highest-quality platform for the lowest price, you just can’t beat Innago.